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We are proud to offer a new course just approved by DAU. CON 360 .


The CFCM Study Group scheduled to start tonight will now start next month, February 19, 2019. Don’t miss out. … Read More

We have been approved to provide CON 170, Fundamentals of Cost and Price Analysis from DAU

We provide training to both public and private companies and Agencies. Our prices are listed as a per person price … Read More

Cape Canaveral NCMA chapter will host our next CFCM study group. If you are interested in taking this class register … Read More

Don’t let that hard earned money go to waste. Take a refresher. Click here for more information.

We just received approval to deliver DAU Contracting Officers Representative COR 222. Be sure to look at our training … Read More

Pending final rule to update the FAR the DoD and GSA raised there respective thresholds in accordance with the NDAA … Read More

Does your Chapter have members who want to sit for the CFCM exam but can’t afford to go to World … Read More

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